Prvi singl sa EP-a "MAKE YOU MINE".
Režija i montaža: Bratislav Vidanović
Gost glumac: Miloš Vojnović

First single from EP "MAKE YOU MINE"
Directed by: Bratislav Vidanovic
Guest actor: Milos Vojnovic

Julijana Vincan (Vocals/vokali)
Igor Ilić (Bass/bas gitara)
Milan Nejković (Drums/bibnjevi)
Mladen Vujović (Rhytm guitar/ritam gitara)
Bojan Savić (Lead guitar/solo gitara)

THE BITE - The Bite

Look at this wolf, I'm howling for you
'Cause I know you'll taste just fine
I'll be hiding and walking by your side
But you will see my teeth that shine

I'll be looking and waiting for your mistake
And then I'll get you all right
I'm gonna sink my teeth into your flesh
I just want a bite

I'm gonna bite you

'Cause I am hungry for blood, I'm asking for more
And I always come for what's mine
I'm hungry for blood, and now I'm hungry for you
My bite is gonna make you shine

I 'm gonna bite you now

You can't escape, 'cause I'm faster than you
There is nothing you can do
So be prepared, and don't be scared
I will find you

I'm gonna hunt you, I'll get you and then I'll bite you
So you can be like me
You will be grateful one day, you will be thankful in a way
'Cause I'll set you free